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    A portfolio

    2010 - 02.19

    I haven’t designed this site to be a completley professional representation of my art because I am interested in displaying lots of different creations. A professional portfolio should be trimmed to only the best paintings all in the same style. The gallery named Folio is mainly my most recent paintings done in the last year along with some other paintings that I am satisfied with. This Gallery is a sample of all the different subject matter that I am interested in: People, Animals, Fantasy,
    Landscapes, Travel, Sculpture and Christianity.

    At some point I will probably ask some knowledgable people to give me some critical feedback and present a gallery that is as proffessional as I can be; until then this is just more art.


    2010 - 02.14

    I scanned my sketchbook from 2000 which was the first year I worked at the SF MOMA. The title of the book is: “Bone Glue Stone True All He Knew”. The Device of naming sketchbooks was definitley influenced by Barron Storey; along with adding highlights into my work. Who knew such a simple and obvious technique could make such a difference.
    Working at The MOMA was a big step for me. Even though the coat check was the absolute bottom rung it was still a great job. I worked with an awesome crowd of diverse people. The management didn’t mind if we sketched or read during down time. We sometimes got tips and free tickets to the museum. I remember getting there early a couple of times and sketching in the foyer.It aslo later opened the door for me to work in the Oakland museum and the SOCP.

     The thing about the MOMA is that the architecture is great, wide open and clean. Sometimes the art wasn’t to my taste but we got to experience it up close.
    I was able to show a piece of art in the employee show and actually get on to the upper level. There was almost a class divide between the people who worked on the upper floors and the entrance floor.
    Featured here are: Coatcheck Dave, young Dimitree, Aracelli, Jigdol, Anna, Bernard, John, Gothic jenny, Stoic Jen, Stephanie, Jasmine, Jose, I’ll rather lounge Pepe, And from my SF life at that time: Micah, JJ, Django, Sonny, Jennifer L, Peter and Lucky.
    To the many other people who worked in the MOMA: Wally, Winnie the true, Justin, Jeff, Marcia, Beth, Sara, And Claiborne I wish I had drawn you too.

    It seems Like I came this…close to getting in the New Yorker but I should know it wouldn’t be that easy.

    Well, here is some more art.

    2010 - 02.11

    Some old , bad self portraits but I post them just to show the variation over time. I say variation not growth because some of them have a good deal of time between but aren’t necessarily better. Also some other random drawings and details of paintings.

    More Art

    2010 - 02.06

    I will continue photographing and scanning different art for this site . Although many of these galleries are selections of random pieces; I plan to collect groups of drawings and paintings with similar themes for some upcoming galleries.