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    New work for 2014

    2014 - 04.12

    These are some new images I have been working on for 2014.  I am happy to have made some illustrations for Faith In Community. I have included one which depicts a map of Fresno moneylenders. For more info on FIC you can visit them here:http://faithinfresno.org/fic/.

    I also recently had a painting in the Fresno Art Museum, in their “Downtown views” show.


    New work for 2013

    2013 - 07.18

    The gallery 2013  includes some Images I have been working on this year. There are also some shots of the mural my students and I finished this year. It was a good experience trying to get a variety of personality types to work together. I feel that it came out well and I hope this is the 1st in a long line of artistic endeavors for those talented young artists.

    It’s been A while

    2012 - 08.07

    Since I put any art up here. These are two recent pieces in the gallery that I am happy with.


    New Show

    2012 - 08.06

    I will be participating in a group show at the Greater Good art collective in downtown Sonora, 1 East Linoberg alley. The theme of the show is video games. The opening is August 11.

    Student murals

    2011 - 07.03

    These photos are of the murals my high school student’s and I painted this last year. The theme is pirates. The paintings are 4’x4′ on primed plywood. Eventually they will be mounted outdoors for public display.

    new paintings

    2011 - 04.19

    These are a group of paintings I have recently finished up. The theme is scenes and landscapes.

    Lone Pine

    2011 - 01.23

    I finally got a chance to take some photos of the historical mural I helped paint in Lone Pine. They are low res but I am happy with them. Also a better version of a painting I did of the Alabama hills.


    2011 - 01.21

    These are some ceramic pieces I have been working on in Mr. H’s adult school class.


    2010 - 11.16

    Heres a few little things I have been working on Some ceramics and a backdrop i made for a friends photo studio.


    2010 - 08.29

    I have been moving and busy but this section includes some old and new art. A list of what is included: Pictures from my art hop show at Fultons folly antique store in downtown Fresno. A painting I did of my old spot in the Alabama hills that was shown in the California art for conservation auction last year, and a portrait of my grandfather I did about ten years ago. There are also some other random images.

    I hope you enjoy.