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  • Hello to everyone viewing this!

    2010 - 01.23

    Thank you for visiting. This site will feature my artwork and writing and maybe other creative ventures. I recently finished a book which I am happy with. The book features what I feel are my best artworks from over the past twenty years. I have a lot of other art which I still like and I feel is worthy of presenting. I finished the book quickly, so a lot of these other pieces were in storage and I wasn’t able to photograph them in time. Artwork is sentimental in the sense that I can look at any of these pictures and be transported back to the time I made it. These pieces go back to my time at San Jose State and span through: AG Photo, The SF MOMA, The Society of California Pioneers, Elephant Pharmacy, and Cal State Eastbay. They include travel paintings from Nepal, Peru and Vietnam, also Oakland, Berkeley, Richmond and San Francisco.
    I will also be scanning the stuff I like from my sketchbooks over the years.
    I hope you enjoy it.
    Whats up to all my friends!

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